CCTV to provide answer to councillors quarrel

Large amounts of waste have been dumped on Acacia Road road, which connects Woodridge and Kuraby, and a consequent spat has broken out between neighbouring councillors.

Now Logan City Council Deputy Mayor, Russell Lutton, is calling for CCTV to installed to discover where exactly the illegal rubbish dumpers are coming from.

Kim Marx

This comes in the wake of claims by Brisbane City Councillor, Kim Marx, that it is residents of Logan City who are littering the streets with rubbish.

She said: ?Acacia Rd is starting to creep into being a real issue and it?s all the Logan end of Acacia Rd so I can only assume it?s the Logan residents coming in and dumping it there,?

However, Deputy Mayor Lutton has hit back at those accusations, demanding that Councillor Marx ?should get her facts straight?.

He said: ?I think Cr Marx should put a camera up and spot the offender and see where they do come from – it?s probably the Redlands.?

Residents are keen to see the issues resolved, with 36 complaints about rubbish dumping having been lodged in the past 6 months.

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