The use of CCTV systems by homeowners is becoming an increasingly common phenomenon, and with good reason. A security cameras installation in your Brisbane home can significantly increase the quality of your security, deterring intruders and trespassers from approaching your property.

Looking at the statistics gives a good indication as to why this might be the case; CCTV is clearly associated with crime reduction. Therefore, it makes perfect sense that Brisbane homeowners should turn to professionally installed cameras in order to bolster their security.

Security cameras and the home

Security cameras are renowned for providing the buildings they adorn with a very strong and highly visible deterrent. While this can be what many homeowners wants, for some the idea of an obtrusive camera protruding from their property is not ideal. They may consider it more of an eyesore than a deterrent.

With this is mind, we are delighted to be able to offer a range of security cameras, some of which are highly visible, and other which provide much more discreet, but equally effective, surveillance.

If you want to benefit from a stealthier style of CCTV then we can provide you pan-tilt-zoom and dome cameras to cater exactly to your needs. These cameras are often in restaurants and on shop floors as they are difficult to notice and, therefore, do not encroach on the environment. What?s more, the domes which contain these cameras are have a smoked finish, meaning that it is impossible to tell in which direction they are pointing. This, of course, makes them much more difficult to evade.

Benefits of CCTV to you

CCTV systems are hugely beneficial in terms of a properties security. Here are a few key points about our service and what we can offer you:

  • Professional installation teams
  • Preliminary site surveys
  • Variety of camera models
  • Recordings stored for 30 days
  • 24 hour surveillance
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