Mystery man targets women on Melbourne street

CCTV of a man repeatedly lunging at women as they walk by on a busy street has emerged.

In a bizarre series of events, a man clad entirely in black runs from a bench on which he is sat, hurdles over a small fence and then lunges at apparently random women on the street.

The man, who was targeting women on Swanston Street, Melbourne, repeats this action no less than 4 times, and after each lunge he returns to the green bench where he sits inconspicuously.

The first woman approached is chased into the road by the mystery man.

There are then three more women that are subject to the man?s attempts to grab them in the space of a minute.

Following his final approach, the man attempt to follow his victim down and the street, and CCTV shows members of the public actively challenging and pushing him away.

Police are appealing for witnesses and urge anybody with information about the suspect to speak to them.

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