Police to use hi-tech surveillance on tablets and mobiles.

Police officers in Brisbane will now be able to monitor CCTV footage on ipads and smart phones.

The move comes as part of Brisbane City Council?s $970,000 ?City Safe? investment program, a portion of which has been designated to improving the city?s CCTV surveillance network.

Brisbane City Council

It is hoped that this new strategy will enable police to clamp down on instances of crime occurring in Brisbane?s entertainment districts.

All 435 of Queensland?s front-line contingent will have access to CCTV footage through long ins on their tablets and devices.

Police will be able to live stream footage from multiple cameras around the city on their devices, viewing as many as 6 streams at one time.

They will also have the ability to rewind and replay recordings as well as take screen grabs of the footage.

Jack Dempsey, Police Minister, claimed that security cameras installed under the ?City Safe? initiative had identified 12, 380 disturbances and prevented 1150 serious assaults.

Speaking about the introduction of tablets and mobiles he said: ?If troublemakers think they?re safe because there are no police in sight, they should remember officers could be watching them on their iPad a block away.

?These upgrades have expanded our reach and everyone needs to remember we?ll be watching.?

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